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Car #GHN3L/102

As told on January 10, 2013 by Shad Huntley, son of the Late Stan Huntley:
"The story as I know it is the car was built in May of 1962 sold @ BMC into Portland Oregon in Oct of 62. The lady that bought the MGB traded in her MGA for it and picked it off the boat when she saw the Blue car with white walls. The car stayed @ the dealership until the replacement engine showed up from England, She took delivery of the car sometime in early 63. She was too short to drive the car so there was blocks hosed clamped to the pedals so she could push them down all the way. Which meant the floor carpet was in great shape and the driverside top door trim was in great shape. The car had a fan blade come off and damaged the hood sometime in the 70’s the body shop told her they could not match the paint so they repainted the whole car the same blue just a couple different shaded off. My Dad (Stan Huntley) bought the MGB from her in the early 80’s and we stripped most of the incorrect paint off and had it paint the correct shade of blue. The car now lives here in Nor Cal with my family, my wife and I left the Church in it when we got married in 1999."

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