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This website encompasses a collaboration of enthusiasts committed to documenting unique aspects of early MKI MGBs.  Please email your “Early” MGB pictures for inclusion in the Photo Gallery as well as send articles for consideration to mfeig@cox.net
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List of Articles:

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Early Seat Bottoms

Early MGB Gear Levers

MGB Mk I Towing Provisions.

Early MGB Mk I front bumper

MGB Schedule of Repair Times (circa 1962)

MKI Ignition Coil Bracket

Early MGB Lucas Sparkplug caps, cables

Early Spare Wheel Clamps

Resource: MGB Accessories Flyer (AKD2079 10/62)

Fastener Decoder (Excel File)

Early Signal Switch Covers

Early Seat Frame Backs

Location of Early Trunk Rod Support

Early MGB Footwell and Toeboard Coverings-to CAR# 2600 approx

Accessory Consoles for the Early MGB

Correct Tunnel Carpet Fitment at the Speaker Housing

Very early MGB Gear Shift Gaiter

Ignition System Vacuum Pipe

Resource: Lucas Parts Catalog B.M.C. 1963

Early MGB Identification Tag Appearance and Location

Early MGB Brake and Clutch Master Cylinder Caps

Early MGB Seatbelts

Brake Switch-stop lamp/Master Cylinder box cover

Correct stowing of the packaway top racks, top and ancillaries

Fastener Decoder Booklet

Valve Cover Venting MGB18G Engine

Early Dip Switch

Early MGB (to car# 11241?) Engine Hood Prop Bracket

Oil Cooler Hose Stabilizer

Early MGB Deluxe Hood Frame

Retaining Bracket - Oil Gauge Pipe    


Early Horn Mountings to Car# 5813

Very early Tonneau Bar and Hardtop Mounting Brackets

Early Dash Overdrive Switch and Correct Bezel

Correct Tudor Windshield Washer Bottle for Pull handle MGB

Chrome Insert: Instrument Cowl

Original Door Seals vs Aftermarket

Early Quarterlights '63 versus '66

Early MGB "BMC" Grille Rosette

Early Clutch Master Cylinder

Early Choke Cable

Early MGB D Type Overdrive Under Hood Components and Wiring

Early MGB Radiator Surround

MGB Factory Hood (Bonnet) Marking

Original MGB Oil Cooler

Pull Handle MGB Door - Part 2 Interior

Pull Handle MGB Door Part 1-Exterior

Early MGB Keys

Early MGB Key Fobs

Early Body Colour Rear Bumper Corner Fillers

Early MGB Windshield Lower Frame Section

Correct Pattern Early MGB Speaker Grille Cloth

Very Early MGB Front Signal/Parking Lamp Lenses

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